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Rack Guard Netting

Keep Workers & Product Safe

Pallet & Warehouse Racking

Protection from Falling Objects

Simple, affordable means of preventing packages and cartons that have become dislodged from the pallet

Aisleways & Walkways

Underneath or adjacent to pallet & warehouse racking

Prevents & protects personnel from injury

Pick Towers & Conveyors

Protect your People, Product & Workstations

Keeps cartons from potentially jamming up conveyors and other equipment

Rack Guard Netting

Keep Your Workers Safe

RACK NET’s experienced staff is available to help you with pallet rack guard netting systems. We work with you to help protect staff and customers from falling objects or products that may fall off of pallet racks, mezzanines, or shelving.

Safety Netting


If people work in your pallet racking aisles or pick towers, it’s only a matter of time until something falls. Forklifts can hit racks, pallets can break, or pickers can knock something off, so you need full-time protection. Rack Net safety netting helps catch falling items and keeps workers and products protected.

Rack guard systems consist of load-rated netting panels, custom offset brackets from flushmount to 12”, frame extensions if above rack protection is required, aircraft cable and rigging hardware. The netting panels are custom made to size to accurately fit each and every different racking layout. Netting panels that are made-to-measure will provide the safest option for back-of-rack protection. Rack guard netting systems have been designed and tested specifically for industrial racking applications.


RACKNET also offers horizontal rack netting systems are designed to ensure the safety of workers who have to enter racking bays to access product and are at risk of having product fall from an upper level. They are also used in tunnel applications in racking setups.

Let’s Work Together

We at RACKNET are available to review your needs and will work closely with you to design a custom or standard application that protects employees and products.

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